3D Mink Eyelash Promotion

3D Mink  Eyelash Promotion

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More and more girls are willing to do a second job online at home, but they don’t know how to start, and no one is willing to help them start a business step by step, today we will share with you 3D Mink  Eyelashes business and share our great promotion for you to help young ladies who want to start a business in their spare time.

3D Mink Eyelash Promotion

3D Mink Eyelashes Online Business

As you know, 3D mink eyelashes business is very popular in the market, if you want to start a second job online from home, don’t miss this opportunity.

As one of the leading eyelash factories, we have rich experience to help you start your 3D mink eyelashes business step by step, if you want to start your eyelashes business now, please contact us via WhatsApp+8615340856721 now.

You can click to read our professional articles how to start your own eyelash business published earlier that will help you get started step by step.

Mink 3D Eyelashes

How much does it cost to start a

3D Mink eyelashes business?

You can start your Mink 3D eyelashes business according to your budget, I suggest you start small and test your market first, start with your friends and family and test your market first.

Don’t order in bulk at first, some fraud suppliers say you should order in bulk first so you can get a good wholesale price, that’s “right and wrong”.

If you want to get good wholesale prices, you should order in bulk, but if you’re new to the eyelash industry, you’d better not do it.

Start by ordering with lash samples, test lashes for your market and style, and you should know which styles are selling best.

They like the length of the mink lashes so you can order them in bulk.

We can help you start your eyelash business for just $50. We also offer  Lash Samples to test quality first.

We are professional eyelash supplier with rich experience and we understand the market. If you are here for the first time, I suggest you can add ourWhatsApp+8615340856721 , any about your eyelash business, please feel free to contact us, even if you don’t wholesale eyelashes from us.

Design new lashes

The material of 3D mink eyelashes

All luxurious 3D mink lashes are made with real mink fur and are Cruelty-Free, and we collect baby mink fur from fall and spring.

If you want to buy vegan lashes, you can choose fiber lashes, or faux mink lashes, which are made from a lot of silk or fiber material.

Also, it will be much cheaper than real mink 3D eyelashes.

We also offer you these artificial mink eyelashes and luxury vegan eyelashes, if you want to buy it at a good cheap wholesale price, you can contact us now via WhatsApp.

Who is the best wholesale supplier of 3D mink eyelashes?

If you are new here, we have identified mink eyelash suppliers, they are all luxury eyelash suppliers, they can also provide you with the best mink eyelashes, they all provide you with the best quality and service.

If you are new, they can also design free lash logos for you to help you build your lash brand.

If you already have your lash business, they can also help you with custom lash packaging and build a website for you.

Mink eyelashes 3D promotion

We have released a mink eyelashes 3D promotion to help you buy cheap wholesale mink eyelashes, if you place your order now, you will get 25% off, the more the cheaper.

For more promotions please contact us via WhatsApp. We will send you all the catalogue, you can choose any style you like from the catalogue, there is no minimum order quantity for new beginners, and they are all in stock.

How much is Siberian Mink 3D Eyelashes?

If you order natural Siberian Mink Lashes, the cost will range from $2 to $4 depending on the quality and style you choose. If you order 20mm Siberian Mink lashes, the cost will vary from $3 to $5 depending on your style.

25mm long Siberian mink lashes will cost you $4 to $6 depending on the style and quality you choose.

If you order custom eyelash packaging, you will be given a discount, the more you order, the cheaper it will be.

If you order artificial mink lashes, it will be much cheaper than Siberian mink 3D lashes.

Givenchy Eyelash Factory

Who supplies mink 3D hair lashes?

As one of the professional leading eyelash suppliers, we supply a wide variety of mink 3D eyelashes, with over 200 models of mink 3D eyelashes in stock, allowing you to choose any style you like from the catalog.

If you would like access to our entire eyelashes catalog, please contact us via WhatsApp.

Why choose 3D Mink Eyelash Factory?

Only 3D Mink Eyelashes Factory can wholesale mink eyelashes to you at a good low price so that you can make too much profit from your eyelashes business.

Meanwhile, all eyelashes are in stock, if you buy from eyelash wholesaler or trading company, there will be MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) limited for you.

If you are interested in how to start lash business

the contact information is as follows


Email: givenchylash@gmail.com

How to run a lash shop?

How to run a lash shop?

Today, we’re going to talk about how to run an Eyelash Shop online and offline.

Lash Shop

More and more girls want to open an online eyelash shop in their home.And they did succeed. We asked some of our customers to share the key points of opening an eyelash store online from home.

Eyelash Shop

Here are the main reasons they chose this eyelash business.

Low cost input, high profit

You can buy them at a low wholesale price from a wholesale eyelash supplier and sell them at a high retail price.

For example, if you buy 3D mink eyelashes for $3 and sell them for $20,

You will have  more than $15 each  pair from the eyelash line.

If you buy 100 pairs of mink eyelashes at a time, you only have to pay $300 for a profit of $1,500.

Easy to start

Yes, if you want to start a small eyelash business, you can go with Lash Business because if you find a good eyelash supplier, starting your eyelash business is becoming  very easy.

All you need is help and your good eyelash provider will do it all for you. Like cheap wholesale products,Custom Eyelash packaging, your logo, photos of your products, and your website.

If you find a professional eyelash supplier, such as Givenchy Lashes, we will help you solve all these problems.

Small office space

You don’t have to rent a huge office space to start your eyelash company because eyelashes are tiny and they don’t need much space to store them.

That’s why more and more girls can start an eyelash line at home.

Once the customer orders, it’s shipped by express, no one knows you’re working from home, all they care about is just the eyelashes.

A huge market

More and more women won’t go out without professional eye makeup and  they are willing to spend money on luxurious mink eyelashes,

So if you’re in the eyelash business, there’s a huge market in the United States.

High frequency purchase rate

As we all know, eyelashes are consumer goods, and there are so many amazing styles out there that women buy them again and again. If they see newer lashes on the market, even if our luxurious mink lashes are used over 25 times, most women will still replace them with a new one to create a different eye makeup.

25MM Mink Eyelashes

How to open an eyelash shop online?

find  a good eyelash supplier in the market

As we say a good eyelash supplier can help you solve all the problems you encounter.If you find a good eyelash supplier, all the things you need to do will help you solve these problems. This is the basic thing you should do.

Making corporate logo

It is necessary to make an eyelash logo, and people should know your eyelash business by your brand name and logo.

If you do not have an eyelash logo, we will provide you with a free logo, and we can help you by making a free logo for you.

Set up an eyelash website

When you do an eyelash shop online, you should have a website,Your eyelashes and information, your customers will find you easily through your domain name,

And make sure your domain name is the same as your brand name.

If you need help, we can help you make a professional website.

Set up personal social media

It’s an easy way to show off your eyelashes and service to your customers, most of whom will see your products on social media,

They will follow you and become your fans, and all you need to do is show your customers amazing lashes and effects.

If you don’t have any ideas about social media, you can search and follow some famous Ids and copy them, and you’ll be successful.

Choose a delivery company

You should choose the cheap one and calculate the shipping costs, and if you have a bulk order, you can sign an agreement and get a discount.

Also, when you check the cost of your line of business, you should add your shipping costs together with the cost of your eyelashes.

Make Thank you cards

Make sure each package includes a thank you card with your information, such as website and phone number,

And so on, so that your customers can contact you and remember you easily. Don’t dare to waste money.,this is your advertising money.

Sales promotion activity

Don’t forget to promote and advertise while on sale, make sure your customers receive and test them,

They will love your luxurious mink eyelashes and buy from you.

This is the first step in the business, so they will eventually choose you.

Eyelash Small Business


Who has an eyelash shop near me?

Givenchy eyelash

Givenchy Lashes, one of the most famous eyelash shop in the United States, specializes in luxurious mink eyelashes, and if you want to buy the best mink eyelashes,You can chooseGivenchy Lashes as your first eyelash shop.

We can ship your lashes within 24 hours and all lashes are in stock.

Lash Vendor

Lashesvendor.com is a famous eyelash website that recommends too many famous eyelash shops to choose from.

If you want to find a good eyelash shop near you, you cant miss this website.


If you are interested in our products,

the contact information is as follows


Email: givenchylash@gmail.com


Where to buy natural short eyelashes?

Where to buy natural short eyelashes?

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There are too many natural eyelash suppliers in the market, and few eyelash suppliers can design and produce Natural Short Eyelashes, especially Natural Short Strip Eyelashes.

Today, we’re going to show you all about short lashes.

If you want to buy the Best Natural Short Lashes

Natural Short Eyelashes

What kind of people like to buy short eyelashes?

Girls and ladies will love to buy two natural short lashes:

Short Eyelashes

First, the short eyelashes of the glasses

This kind of short and natural lashes is especially for people who apply on glasses and they also like it so they have to buy short lashes to apply.

This is a special business opportunity because most working women, highly educated intellectuals and high income earners wear glasses.

This is a group that is easily overlooked by many Wholesale Eyelash Suppliers.

So if you have your own eyelash business, you should buy some short natural eyelashes from your eyelash factory.

Also, you should go to an eyelash wholesaler for the best natural short lashes because they are willing to pay a premium for a comfortable, high-quality, luxurious pair of lashes.

Second, small eyes with short eyelashes

Such short lashes are also very popular in the market, especially for Asian Americans with small eyes.

There are more than 18.9 million Asian Americans living in the United States as HHS. the government said.

So you need to convert a special group into your customers. Because they have small eyes and few eyelash wholesalers sell short length eyelashes.

If you want to wholesale cheap short eyelashes, please contact us via WhatsApp +8615340856721 and I will sent our eyelashes catalog to you.

Short Eyelashes

Three Short Eyelashes for You

There are three main types of short eyelashes that are popular in the market:

First, short individual lashes

Short individual eyelashes belong to eyelash extensions, and some girls like to apply short single eyelashes from the eyelash bar.

Second, short magnetic eyelashes

If you like short lashes, you might like short magnetic lashes, which you can easily apply on magnetic lashes with magnetic glue.

Third, short false eyelashes

Short false eyelashes are made of synthetic material, are soft and comfortable, and are much less expensive than mink natural short eyelashes.

But the quality is slightly lower than mink eyelashes, if you are sensitive to mink hair, short false eyelashes will be the best choice.

Why not choose short lashes on Amazon?

If you are using it personally, you can buy short lashes on Amazon and you can get your lashes within 2 business days.

But if you want to wholesale short lashes, you should buy lashes from an Eyelash Factory so that you can get a good wholesale price and make too much profit from the business.

Why Choose Givenchy Lashes as Your Short Natural Eyelash Supplier

All natural short lashes are designed by our own designer , all natural short lashes are unique in the market,

Our luxurious lashes are unlike any other. This way you can easily sell them.

Plus, our luxury lashes are much higher quality than others so you can get more and more clients and easily expand your business.

Best Natural Mink Lashes

Why do more and more girls prefer short, natural strip lashes?

As you know, doing lash extensions on a lash bar costs $100 to $200, it will be very expensive and you will spend more than an hour.

But if you choose short natural lashes, you can apply them yourself at home efficiently, cheaply, and safely.

Also, there are so many styles to choose from in the market that you can even switch to a different style every day.

But if you do eyelash extensions, you have to stick to it for more than 15 days. Fill in the fur again. That would waste too much time.

For more information about natural short eyelashes and eyelashes business, please feel free to contact us, we will try our best to help you.

Finally, we have a big sale right now, if you order eyelashes, add our WhatsApp +8615340856721 for more details and we’ll send you all the information there.

If you are interested in our products,

the contact information is as follows


Email: givenchylash@gmail.com

2022 20 mm Russian Curl styles lashes

20 mm Russian Curl styles lashes

Hi,love. Have you always wanted to do Eyelash Extensions, but they are expensive and don’t hold up well. Maybe this 20mm Russian Curl can solve your worries ,  bring you unexpected effects and surprises and save a lot of money for you

20mm Russian Curl Effect

20mm Russian Curl Effect

20mm Russian Curl Effect

20mm Russian Curl Lahes Catalog 


Where to buy Cheap Eyelash Mink?

Where to  buy Cheap Eyelash Mink?

Given Lashes is one of the Best Eyelash Mink factory in China, located in the hometown of eyelashes. If you want to buy cheap Wholesale Mink Eyelashes, please add our WhatsApp:+8615340856721, we will send you catalogue of all popular styles of eyelashes, we will provide super quality eyelashes and competitive wholesale price to you, if you are new to the eyelash industry and we can also help you get started step by step.

Eyelashes Mink 3D

This article will show you more styles of mink lashes, you can choose any Mink Lashes you like.

Individual Eyelashes Mink

Individual Eyelashes Mink is the new style in the market, if you like lash extensions and don’t have no time and energy to go to the lash salon, you can choose individual eyelashes and you can use the applicator to apply on personal lashes at home.

Eyelashe Mink

How much is wholesale eyelash mink?

If you choose Natural Mink Lashes, it will cost $2-$5 depending on style and quantity.

There are also Luxurious Dramatic Lashes like 20mm lashes and 22mm lashes for $3-$5, and if you like long dramatic lashes like 25mm mink lashes for $3-$6.

If you want to get a good wholesale price, you can also do mixed orders, and bulk orders, the more the cheaper.

And if you order custom lash packaging togther, that will be cheaper.

Lash Wholesale

You can choose false eyelashes mink

If you like mink lashes and don’t want to buy silk or plastic lashes, you may choose Fake Eyelashes Mink , which are a mix of mink and plastic, much like mink, but not really.

They are a little cheaper than mink lashes, but a little more expensive than plastic lashes, which are synthetic lashes.

If you want to order the Fake Eyelash Mink, please contact us via WhatsApp:+8615340856721, we will send the catalog to you, you can choose the style you like.

Magnetic eyelashes mink

In addition, Mink Magnetic Eyelashes are also very popular in the market, if you choose mink magnetic eyelashes, you should buy magnetic eyelash glue, the magnets can be attached to your eyes.

This is very easy to apply and time saving magnetic lash mink, but you should choose high quality magnetic lashes that contain 12 magnets.

If you choose 4 or 6 magnet mink lashes, you have to apply some lash glue. Otherwise, they are easily blown away by the wind.

Why more and more people like to choose Eyelash Mink 3D?

Since 2015, Eyelash Mink 3D is very popular, more and more girls like to choose Eyelash Mink 3D as their first choice instead of other materials.


First, super high quality

As you know, all Luxury Eyelashes Mink 3D is made of natural mink fur, which is strong, vivid and comfortable.

Second, the stunning 3D effect

When you apply on your 3D Mink Lashes, they will match your real lash fur very well and any angle will give a perfect effect.

Third, reusable

Better quality Eyelashes Mink 3D can be used up to 10 times, some good luxury even 20 times+

Fourth, gorgeous and vivid

If you want to do a perfect eye make-up, you can choose Luxurious Lash Mink 3D. They are made of natural young mink fur, which is strong and soft.

Lash Wholesale

Which  lashes  is better? Eyelashes Mink or Silk?

We know that mink eyelashes are made of natural mink fur, while silk eyelashes are made of synthetic plastic material.

If you are allergic to animal fur, you can choose silk eyelashes directly. Silk eyelashes are much cheaper than natural mink. Too soft and light.

But if you want a luxurious and vivid effect, you may choose natural mink, which blend well with your real lashes.

So it depends on the situation, different people, different choices.

For more questions about Mink Lashes, please feel free to contact us, we will try our best to help you.

Where To Buy Lash Extensions?

       Where to buy lash extensions?

If you want to order Eyelash Extensions, never miss eyelash extensions supplier Givenchy eyelashes Whatsapp:+8615340856721, we supply all kinds of eyelash extensions, such as various Cluster Eyelashes, fan eyelashes, DIY eyelash extensions, flat eyelash extensions, short stem eyelash extensions , Long Stem Eyelash Extensions, Classic Eyelash Extensions, Easy Fan Eyelashes, YY Eyelashes, VV Eyelashes, WW Eyelashes, Color Eyelash Extensions and more.


 Individual lash Extensions

If you are the owner of a lash bar or lash salon and never miss Givenchy lashes, we offer high quality at reasonably competitive wholesale prices.

How to make a lash extension order?

If you want a perfect order, you should count your sales data first, then you should tell your lash extension factory all your information

First, the length of the eyelashes is extended

Typically lengths range from 6mm to 25mm, but the most popular are 7mm to 14mm.

All dates should come from your local market, different markets have different lengths.

Also, if you order in bulk, you can also make mixed lengths in one tray.

Easy Fan Lash extensions

Second, the curvature of the eyelash extensions

This is the main degree of curl for eyelash extensions on the market, 30°J curl 40°B curl 50°C curl 55°CC curl 60°D curl 65°DD curl, allowing you to choose the lashes that your client likes.

In fact, C curl D curl lash extensions are the most popular on the market.

CC Curl Eyelash Extensions

Third, Eyelash extension material

Most eyelash extensions use Korean PBT fiber, which is soft, lightweight and comfortable.

Also, they are natural black, vivid and cheap, so this material is the most popular on the market.

Fourth, how many rows does a tray have?

We can do any row on one tray, like 12 rows and 16 rows on one tray.

The more rows you order, the more expensive the price will be, but if you order in bulk, the price will be much cheaper.

Wholesale Eyelash Extension

Fifth, the thickness of the eyelash extensions

The most common thicknesses are 0.03mm, 0.05mm, 0.07mm, 0.10mm, 0.12mm, 0.15mm, 0.20mm and 0.25mm.

You can choose any thickness you like and we can make the exact order for you. It doesn’t matter if you want to order it.

You can also custom mix thicknesses order if you mke bulk custom lash extensions.

We can do Lash Extension With Private Label for you. If you want to order now, you can add our Whatsapp:+8615340856721 and we will design it for you and give you a competitive wholesale price.

Eyelash Extension Material

Why buy lash extensions from Givenchy Lashes?

There are 9 main reasons why people love to use Givenchy whips.

First, natural soft

The material is imported from Korea, very soft and comfortable.

Second, light weight

That’s why the lash extension has no weight and fatigue.

Third, natural black

This material is natural black, vivid, similar to real human eyelashes.

 Cluster Eyelashes

Fourth, handmade

All the hairs are handmade one by one, so it takes a lot of time and effort to complete a tray eyelash extension.

Fifth, stable curl

The curl keeps stable for more than one year, and the thickness is up to standard.

 Color Eyelash Extensions

Sixth, foil back

It is very easy to pick up from the pallet, which will save the grafter time in getting the job done.

Seventh, No residue

There is no residue on lash strips. All furs are of good quality and not easy to be broken.

Eight, the wholesale price is reasonable

We are wholesale eyelash extension factory and can offer you competitive wholesale price. The more the cheaper.

We have a strict QC team to guarantee the quality of your eyelash extensions.

Ninth, the best service

We provide customers with 7*24 hours of service

 Classic Eyelash Extensions


If you are interested in our products,

the contact information is as follows


Email: givenchylash@gmail.com


Givenylashes Vendors Spring Promotion

Givenylashes Vendors Spring Promotion

Givenylashes Spring Promotion 1

30 pairs lashes bulk order enjoy 3% off and 3 pairs lashes Free
50 pairs lashes bulk order enjoy 5% off and 5 pairs lashes Free
100 pairs lashes bulk order enjoy 10% off and 10 pairs lashes Free

Givenylashes Vendors Spring Promotion 2
30 pairs lashes get 6 pairs lashes extra free
50 pairs lashes get 10 pairs lashes extra free
100 pairs lashes get 20 pairs lashes extra free

Custom Lash Box within catalogs, Minimum Order Quantity 10 pcs

16MM Mink Lashes

13 MM Mink Lashes

20 MM Mink Lashes

6D Mink Lashes

25MM Mink Lashes

mink eyelash wholesale vendorswholesale vendors for mink lashesmink lash vendors usasiberian mink lashes wholesale

5D Mink Lashes

If you are interested in our products,

the contact information is as follows


Email: givenchylash@gmail.com

Do you know the most popular Russian curl Eyelashes Right Now?

Do you know the most popular Russian curl Eyelashes Right Now?

Wholesale  Lashes

Wholesale Russian Lashes Vendors

20Mm Russian Curl Lashes Vendor

Colored Lashes Wholesale

Russian Lash Vendors Wholesale

Best Russian Curl Lash Vendors

Russian Lash Vendors Wholesale

Russian Curl Lash Vendors Usa

Russian Lashes Wholesale Vendors

Wholesale Russian Lashes

Eyelash Wholesale Vendors Russian

3D Mink Lashes Vendor

If you are interested in our products,

the contact information is as follows


Email: givenchylash@gmail.com

Do you know the most popular Eyelash Packaging for spring 2022?

Do you know the most popular Eyelash Packaging for spring 2022?

THE Butterfly Lashes Packaging Box

Wholesale Custom Eyelash Packaging Box

Wholesale Mink Lashes and Packaging

Custom Lash Packaging

Custom Eyelash Packaging Box

Wholesale Eyelash Packaging

Wholesale Lashes and Packaging

Create Your Own Eyelash Packaging

3D Mink Lashes Packaging

Custom Eyelash Packaging Boxes

Eyelash Packaging Box Manufacturers

Eyelash Packaging Boxes Suppliers

Eyelash Packaging Boxes Manufacturers

Wholesale Custom Tweezers

Wholesale Eyeliner Glue Pen

Wholesale Lipglosses  VENDOR

Wholesale LASHES Glue VENDOR

If you are interested in our products,

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Do you know the best purchase policy for Mink Eyelashes in 2022 March?

Do you know the best purchase policy for Mink Eyelashes in 2022 March?

Help With the arrival of spring, the peak season of the eyelash business is also coming. Are you guys ready to stock up on your Eyelashes business?

Wholesale Eyelash Vendors

In order to thank new and old customers for their support of our Givenchy eyelashes for 10 years, we are now launching a preferential policy for purchasing during the Spring Festival in March. For details, please see the information below.

Contact us now to get your best price on high quality 100% handmade luxury Mink Eyelashes.

If you are interested in our products,

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Email: givenchylash@gmail.com