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How do I Apply False Eyelashes?

How do I Apply False Eyelashes?

Carefully remove the False Eyelashes from the eyelash tray, and check the eyelash fit, by aligning it with your natural lash line. If the lash extends past the outside corner of your eye, trim the excess.

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Tip: Use a tweezer to hold one end of the eyelash band and gently peel it from the tray. Do not use your hands. You may accidentally peel the fur off the band instead.

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Apply a thin line of adhesive to the lash band, and wait 30-60 seconds, or until glue becomes tacky. Givechy Lash Glue is very easy to remove which will make your new mink lashes last longer! Lash Glue is the lash adhesive we recommend using with all Givechy Lashes.

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Apply to eyelid as close to natural lash line as possible.
Hold down for a few seconds, and allow glue to dry.

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