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Why do different Mink Eyelashes cost different?

Why do different Mink Eyelashes cost different?


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1. The production process is different

If you want to do business with your eyelash supplier, this is one of the important points. Most eyelash suppliers use a simple process to produce mink eyelashes, only a few eyelash factories will choose the best method, wasting time and energy to do this.

As mentioned earlier, most mink eyelash manufacturers use chemical liquids to make 3D effects. We use physical methods to make 3D Mink Eyelashes, which wastes too much time and energy.

But eyelashes can make a huge difference. One is harmful to your eyes and skin, and the other is a safe and healthy pairing.

Your customers will understand this one day.

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2 .Different raw materials

The best mink eyelashes The eyelashes will choose the best mink fur from the young minks. But bad eyelashes will use broken mink, so if you buy cheap mink eyelashes, it is easy to find broken mink.

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3 .different styles and designs

Different designers make different works of art. If the eyelash factory has a designer, they can make any style of eyelashes for you. If the eyelash factory does not have a designer, they can only copy the style of others, they just copy. Style, but they cannot replicate the soul of eyelashes.

So designers and skilled workers are the soul of the eyelash industry.

If you are a newbie in this industry, you are not sure which eyelash factory has its own designer, if you need help we will help you, contact us whatsapp+8615340856721, we will provide you with tips.


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4 .Wearing comfort

This is one of the keys to measure the quality of Mink Eyelashes.
The best mink eyelashes must be comfortable, soft and weightless. Our luxurious eyelashes can even be worn on the bed to sleep.

But broken can cause eyelash fatigue and even eyelash disease.

So at this point, cheap eyelashes are the most expensive eyelashes.

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5. working life

Inferior mink eyelashes can only be used once, and then they will be depilated, while good ones can be reused 25+ times. If the cost of each time is counted, cheap and inferior mink eyelashes will be more expensive than high-end luxury mink eyelashes.

So you should take good care of your luxurious eyelashes, wash them and wipe them clean, they will be the same as new ones.

Never pay too much attention to quality and health. This is the direct reason why more and more girls choose Luxury Mink Lashes.

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