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Why should we order 10 pairs of Eyelashes?

Why should we order 10 pairs of Eyelashes?

Wholesale Eyelashes and Custom Packaging

In fact, when a customer orders Mink Eyelashes and is ready to pay, we also need to calculate another fee, which is shipping. However, the shipping cost is directly proportional to the weight of the eyelashes. The price is stipulated in this range. Some customers will ask us to order 3 or 2 pairs of mink eyelashes, or even 1 pair of Mink Eyelashes.

Eyelash Vendors Wholesale USA

I know dear customers, you want to buy samples first and want to know the quality of our eyelashes, but, my friend, do you know? You ordered a pair of shipping costs the same as you ordered 10 pairs of shipping, both are 25$, and we have so many styles, you buy back and try a few eyelash styles, maybe you will find surprises, maybe you like the styles inside? So this is why our eyelashes moq10 are right, we are all to provide you with better service and product quality, so please trust us, please let Givchylashes become your largest eyelash supplier.

25mm Mink Lashes Wholesale

I have confidence in our eyelashes. Although there are many different prices on the market, the materials we choose are all made through rigorous screening. It is natural for customers to buy them and wear them. I have full confidence in the customers who buy mink eyelashes from me. I believe their business will do well.
Our mink eyelashes are very beautiful, even perfect. Maybe you don’t believe what I said, but when you buy our eyelashes and put them on, you will feel very comfortable. Our mink eyelashes are very soft.

Wholesale Custom Eyelash Packaging

Givchylashes can not only provide you with high-quality mink eyelashes, but also help you customize your own personal eyelash packaging and help you build your own eyelash brand. So if you are just starting an eyelash business, choosing eyelashes is very important. We have a variety of Eyelashes of different styles and lengths are available for you to choose, so 10 pairs of eyelash samples are the best in addition to saving shipping costs. The point is that you can test different styles of mink eyelashes, so that you have more choices and better understand what styles your customers like.

Custom Packaging Boxes Wholesale

Eyelash Glue Wholesale

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